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Updated to Typo 6

While the dependency trouble I wrote about is not entirely solved yet, I’ve been able to update to Typo 6, mostly because I didn’t want keep running the ancient version I was, now that I have a clear sight of most of which packages require the most work.

Most importantly, since I wanted to spend some extra time writing a couple of plugins for Typo (in particular something to submit posts directly to Flattr, rather than using the auto-submit URL — this would mean reducing the amount of work the blog has to do, in regard to rendering the single article), I wanted to do so with a modern version of the package, not one still based on Rails 2.3 and so on.

There are a few changes to my theme with this version, by the way: I’m now using a few more HTML5 features, such as the <article> tag. Unfortunately validation still fail right now because it’s not XML-based enough (validator does not seem to allow you to register new namespaces, such as the CreativeCommons or OpenGraph ones), and it does not allow one to use RDFa types, suggsting to use a different schema (which is not available to use). All in all my answer to this is “oh well”.

The page works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari and that usually is good enough for me; I’ll try to fix it up if other browsers make a mess of it but I don’t think they will. I guess it’s going to be tricky this way for a while.

Anyway, this is it for today.

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  1. Somehow this seemed to cause duplication of the RSS feed to planet gentoo. My feed reader duplicated your last 5 entries in planet gentoo. Oh well.

  2. Yes sorry for the spam; the problem is that the feed changed, and with the new version I changed hte permalinks to avoid putting the day on them (shorter, and make more sense, since I do my best to post at most once a day). Unfortunately Google Reader and Planet then decided they hadn’t seen them yet 🙁

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