Caffeine addiction, coffee, and gallbladders

Since I left the hospital this year I’ve been told to limit my coffee intake too. This actually didn’t make me feel to good especially since I accepted my caffeinism a few months ago.

The problem is that doctors tend not to explain themselves on why someone should or should not eat something, which doesn’t fly too well with me. But I accepted that I have to keep low on that.

But in the past two days I noticed that I really feel the withdrawal, migraines restarted and I felt like crap. So tonight I started on a mission to find why they barred me from drinking coffee, and whether this was related to caffeine itself or to something else.

As far as I can see, the problem lies in colestherol, which of course is bad for the gallbladder, which is what caused my pancreatitis in the first place. I think I’ll stop drinking coffee altogether until they take it out.

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get a hold of my doctor, and ask him if there is any caffeine pill I can take. I really feel the need for caffeine, alike to how House feel the need for Vicodin. The problem is mostly to make sure I don’t take something that might antagonise the rest of the pills I’m taking.