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Caffeine addiction, coffee, and gallbladders

Since I left the hospital this year I’ve been told to limit my coffee intake too. This actually didn’t make me feel to good especially since I accepted my caffeinism a few months ago.

The problem is that doctors tend not to explain themselves on why someone should or should not eat something, which doesn’t fly too well with me. But I accepted that I have to keep low on that.

But in the past two days I noticed that I really feel the withdrawal, migraines restarted and I felt like crap. So tonight I started on a mission to find why they barred me from drinking coffee, and whether this was related to caffeine itself or to something else.

As far as I can see, the problem lies in colestherol, which of course is bad for the gallbladder, which is what caused my pancreatitis in the first place. I think I’ll stop drinking coffee altogether until they take it out.

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can get a hold of my doctor, and ask him if there is any caffeine pill I can take. I really feel the need for caffeine, alike to how House feel the need for Vicodin. The problem is mostly to make sure I don’t take something that might antagonise the rest of the pills I’m taking.

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  1. Hi diego,Thought I’d add that I was once addicted to the stuff. The worst thing you can do is go cold turkey – sounds over the top, but you can become physically dependent on caf.If you gradually reduce your intake over a week or two you won’t suffer/deal with the headaches.Incidentally, I feel better for not needing caffeine in the morning – just miss the taste, sigh.Hope you get well soon

  2. Consider switching to Tea. While I know it doesn’t have the same kick and flavor it does provide some of the same caffine.Hope you get better.

  3. Caffeine has inhibitory effects on pancreatic enzyme secretion [1] which might be good or bad. It may protect pancreatic cells from ethanol toxicity [2]. At least it seems caffeine has no long term effect on pancreatic cancer [3].With all its side effects on the nervous system it might be a good idea to not consume it on a regular basis [4]. Ah, and tea contains, well, caffeine :)That said, coffee is on the very top of my list of legal ‘drugs’ to avoid: Nicotine >> Trans Fat [5] !! >> Ethanol >> artificial sweeteners > caffeine = added sugar = added fat = added salt (a grain of which you should take with this post, btw) ….Best wishes and good luck with detoxification.Refs.:[1]…[2]…and…[3]…[4]… :)[5]…Note: Your blog has problems with URLs containing unquoted citation marks and ampersands.

  4. I know this is an old blog so I may not get noticed but I am right now searching the internet maybe for someone who is ok with being addicted to caffiene. I know I’m addicted to coffee, have been for years, much more so lately though.I eat very little, I have had no appetite for months and coffee keeps me going. I am a writer and it focuses my mind. I play games and it makes me better at them. I’ve just had a baby and it’s helping me to lose weight. I don’t feel like me without it, I feel like less of a person.So far I have had no headaches. I get much more irratable in periods when I try to give it up, even after the withdrawal wears off as I am naturally lazy and I get annoyed at myself for it. I like being sharp, I like being skinny and I like the craziness.Possibly I will get ill and that will not be good. Possibly I’m in denial or deluded or just stressed out at things that are going on with me.I think I have a self destructive nature but I’m ok with it :)(am I insane? :p)

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