Am I ready to move?

Sometimes I think about my future, especially when it comes to my job. What I have up to now are a bunch of temporary jobs, nice ones most of the times, but temporary. Finding a stable job is another story, and would probably help me in a few ways, although disrupting my actual lifestyle, which I don’t really dislike too much.

In Italy, I wonder how many possibilities I’d end up having, And especially, how many possibilities I’d end up having in the Venice area. Most of the IT-related jobs in this area are around Padua, and while this is quite fine as long as I keep working from home, it would become an issue if I had to find a stable job, especially given that I don’t have a driving license.

One option that I could have chosen already would be to leave Italy, like many others in this and other fields did before me. Option for that aren’t that rare actually, but the problem is… I don’t feel like I’m ready to move yet, and last summer only made me less ready.

There is, first, the problem of airplanes: I still have a huge fear of flying on one of them. Which is not the same as having fear of the airplane for what it is, or just of flying. Most opportunities to leave would require me to take a plane to reach the new place, and it would require one to come back.

But then there is the problem of actually me being ready to move. I’m not sure if I am; luckily for me, I don’t usually have to take care of stuff like lunch and dinner, washing clothes and other “mundane” tasks. Sure I do know how to do them, but… would I be able to keep on doing it on a daily basis?

Another extra problem is the language, of course. While I should be able to get going with English, after all I do write in it every day, with the exception of my hospitalization, for the best part of three years, none of the English-speaking countries are in the train-reachable area. Sometimes I wish I knew German, as Austria and Switzerland are quite near, and would be reachable easily via train.

So there it goes, am I ready to move? I don’t think so for now, I suppose I’ll have to keep my temporary jobs, which ain’t that bad most of the times, just sometimes feel like they are a bit too temporary.