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Am I ready to move?

Sometimes I think about my future, especially when it comes to my job. What I have up to now are a bunch of temporary jobs, nice ones most of the times, but temporary. Finding a stable job is another story, and would probably help me in a few ways, although disrupting my actual lifestyle, which I don’t really dislike too much.

In Italy, I wonder how many possibilities I’d end up having, And especially, how many possibilities I’d end up having in the Venice area. Most of the IT-related jobs in this area are around Padua, and while this is quite fine as long as I keep working from home, it would become an issue if I had to find a stable job, especially given that I don’t have a driving license.

One option that I could have chosen already would be to leave Italy, like many others in this and other fields did before me. Option for that aren’t that rare actually, but the problem is… I don’t feel like I’m ready to move yet, and last summer only made me less ready.

There is, first, the problem of airplanes: I still have a huge fear of flying on one of them. Which is not the same as having fear of the airplane for what it is, or just of flying. Most opportunities to leave would require me to take a plane to reach the new place, and it would require one to come back.

But then there is the problem of actually me being ready to move. I’m not sure if I am; luckily for me, I don’t usually have to take care of stuff like lunch and dinner, washing clothes and other “mundane” tasks. Sure I do know how to do them, but… would I be able to keep on doing it on a daily basis?

Another extra problem is the language, of course. While I should be able to get going with English, after all I do write in it every day, with the exception of my hospitalization, for the best part of three years, none of the English-speaking countries are in the train-reachable area. Sometimes I wish I knew German, as Austria and Switzerland are quite near, and would be reachable easily via train.

So there it goes, am I ready to move? I don’t think so for now, I suppose I’ll have to keep my temporary jobs, which ain’t that bad most of the times, just sometimes feel like they are a bit too temporary.

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  1. When I was in Portugal the classes at the university were taught in English. Also, most people my age (30) knew some English as well. My point being that probably English would work as a common language in many countries. (Take with a grain of salt, I haven’t been to Europe more than a few weeks.)

  2. In the big cities in Germany (like Berlin, Hamburg) you can easily survive without speaking a single word of German. Actually Berlin has a very high percentage of permanent residents from the US and England who live there, only speaking english. In German Trains and S-Bahnen english language announcements are very common. English is all you need. And enough German to order a beer or ask for directions is easy to learn.And even more so in the scandinavic countries, where people usually speak english almost as good as their first language. And the Netherlands the same. And in Finland there is a whole industry for expats who live there and don’t learn Finnish because Finnish is such a fucking difficult language to learn. In Finland noone even expects from you that you know a single word of the native language.

  3. …don’t wait too long. Working in other countries is easier if you are relatively young as it is easier to make contact with others.I would say that Blah said it all. Within most European countries you can work comfortable while knowing only English, although it helps if you learn a bit of the local language. But as you speak English and Italian you know the basis for two of the main languages-families. Should be easy to pick up the local language once you are in the country.I worked in Switzerland, Denmark, UK and in Holland. In all of them it is enough if you speak English.

  4. I think you can survive in those countries ust by speaking english, at least for the beginning. I’ve been in Germany, and I survived well only with english. You can just learn that language on the fly while being there.

  5. Are you ready to move? No.Will you ever be ready to move? No.So, what are you waiting for?Don’t be scared of the thing you don’t know!Taking a plane, cleaning the house or washing you underpants can be done by anybody. Are you less capable then them? Are you more stupid than them?I was used to the same fears before of moving (ok, not all of them.. I like to fly), but now, after few months, I cannot stop laughing at me!There is only one way to understand our own limits.. to try to break them, this can be scary, but it is really challenging.Imho, pushing up our “limits” is the only way to became more capable (and better) persons.

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