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If you think I disappeared from the face of the Earth, you’re absolutely wrong 🙂

I am actually quite unavailable lately, because of a mixture of problems with my job’s task, of my anti-stress method (the Nintendo DS is quite cool indeed), and of the preparation for my nephew’s Baptism

In the group photo I’m the one in the middle.. to my right there’s my sister Silvia and to my left there’s her husband Christian, with Morgan.

I’ll be back soon with more work on Rust, merging David’s changes, and then I’ll see to decide what else I’m going to do in the future.

I’ve been able to fix a few issues with xine lately, nothing major, although it closed some bugs; hopefully 1.1.5 release is not too far away; although I did hope to get the OS X on Intel patches merged before that, I don’t have time right now, as I’m using the laptop to run the tests for my job.

Also, Farragut can’t be updated, and Prakesh and Klothos are basically paralysed as I can’t seem to find a way to replace NFS; coda is too much an overkill, and Samba/CIFS is way too slow, beside it doesn’t handle Unix permissions, and ID mapping, so it’s totally useless to me.

I’m going to see if I’ll get my job confirmed next month and if it will, I’ll buy a new box (Relativity?) to replace Enterprise as my workstation, and then move Enterprise as FreeBSD-based file and mail server, maybe database server too, I’m not yet sure. I’ll probably just put 2x320GB drives on it, and put them in RAID1, so that I can at least shield the single point of failure of my network; the OS can reside on a different 160 disk and be done with it.

I really want to return doing some useful work, but I just don’t have much more than Rust lately, and with the time limits I have lately I can’t work on any major fix or feature for xine (plus I’m still not sure why the MMX code in FFmpeg is causing harm to xine when running 64-bit (and not causing anything while running at 32-bit, for what I can tell).

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