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Experiments, not feeling well, and fixing

First of all, I have to say that I still don’t feel that well, this flu is getting on my nerves, especially since I cannot stay with my nephew (I might be infective) and because I cannot talk enough to continue my jobs.

On the other hand, I’ve been using this time to continue fixing a few of the xine bugs I had in my black list to solve as soon as possible; a part the OggFlac trouble, yesterday I was able to also fix FLAC files with ID3 tags prefix, that was one of the most annoying bugs before a lot of people complained about that for Amarok, and the XCB work is also done, now just waiting review and commit.

Again, I’ve been looking for something to try as an hobby, and I remembered I knew an interesting free operating system, Syllable that I tried but failed to install on my system in the past. Today I downloaded the latest LiveCD (released yesterday, nonetheless), and tried it on Prakesh.. unfortunately there it failed to start at all.. I’ve then tried to set up Odissey (a recovered Pentium 3 533), but that first resulted in one of Defiant’s RAM banks burned (and one of my fingers burnt too)…

Now, I have to say that for a from-scratch operating system, Syllable (well, almost from scratch, as it is based on AtheOS) is not that bad, resembles how Linux was a few years ago to me. I’m not sure if it’s Unix-like enough for it to become a new Gentoo/ALT project, but I’ll surely try to study it some more, maybe I can port libcdio to support it, and then unieject… maybe on the long run I can make xine work, at least partially…

Yes this is my favourite kind of hobby, and now you can see why I end up always on the edge of burning out and come back 🙂

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