My new year resolution, anticipated…

… is of starting thinking less of new stuff to do, and act more with the time I’m given.

First of all, I still have a backlog of things to do, and mail to write. I just seen today that I have a mail from Marius Morawski (the Gentoo/FreeBSD logo author) that I moved to my “TODO” folder now four months ago! Sorry Marius if I didn’t answer, I’ll try to as soon as possible; I can say to you already that your works are always fantastic 🙂

I’ve finally completed the keywording of kde-meta (with the exception of kdeaccessibility) for ~x86-fbsd, which means that KDE officially works on Gentoo/FreeBSD. I didn’t try XFCE in a while now, especially since it does not seem that well maintained in Gentoo lately; and GNOME won’t work, as usual. This is unfortunate, but I cannot really solve it in any other way than finding someone to take care of it.

I would really like some more help; someone who could take care of Amarok in my place for instance, someone that might take care of VLC, so that I can concentrate on xine. I tried to leave Konversation to Chris, but he slacked off when he needed to do the bump.

I really need more time, or more help so that I can drop maintainership of a few things leaving it to someone else; and still, I receive requests for new ebuilds. I’ll try to do my best, as usual, I hope it’s enough 🙂 In case, bribes are accepted to change my priority listings 😉