So I went on vacation and…

And now I got to work 18 hours a day. I wanted to write a bit about my one week in London but the time, since the start of the week, have been more than entirely spent on two main work projects. I even had to give up one project entirely because I didn’t have much time after an urgent consultancy started this week.

I have also very limited time for Gentoo as you might have noticed; I’m trying to do some of the standard maintenance operation on my packages and on Gentoo as a whole, but it really doesn’t have the same speed as I used to have. So please bear with me if the next weeks will be very slow on my Gentoo side.

On the bright note, I’ve been able to update PulseAudio to the latest test version, so you might want to try that out. And I’ll be working on a few more notes here and there, included autotools mythbuster .

My new year resolution, anticipated…

… is of starting thinking less of new stuff to do, and act more with the time I’m given.

First of all, I still have a backlog of things to do, and mail to write. I just seen today that I have a mail from Marius Morawski (the Gentoo/FreeBSD logo author) that I moved to my “TODO” folder now four months ago! Sorry Marius if I didn’t answer, I’ll try to as soon as possible; I can say to you already that your works are always fantastic :)

I’ve finally completed the keywording of kde-meta (with the exception of kdeaccessibility) for ~x86-fbsd, which means that KDE officially works on Gentoo/FreeBSD. I didn’t try XFCE in a while now, especially since it does not seem that well maintained in Gentoo lately; and GNOME won’t work, as usual. This is unfortunate, but I cannot really solve it in any other way than finding someone to take care of it.

I would really like some more help; someone who could take care of Amarok in my place for instance, someone that might take care of VLC, so that I can concentrate on xine. I tried to leave Konversation to Chris, but he slacked off when he needed to do the bump.

I really need more time, or more help so that I can drop maintainership of a few things leaving it to someone else; and still, I receive requests for new ebuilds. I’ll try to do my best, as usual, I hope it’s enough :) In case, bribes are accepted to change my priority listings ;)