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My translation scandal

Maybe I will focus on me more and more flames this way, but I’d like for this to actually become something more widespread.

I fully translated xine-lib today, all the message but a huge one that is an help screen for a plugin (too long for me to translate myself).

Now if somebody wants to provide a new po file to update xine-lib’s ones, just mail me or the xine-devel mailing list, I’ll put a copy of the file in the patchset for xine-lib and push a new one, so that emerging xine-lib will take the update po file.

This is one of the ways that people can help Free Software even if they can’t program. I hope that we will have enough people out there wanting to update the translations so that we get better experiences for non-English speakers. We already have a good translated documentation, translating software is another interesting thing to do 🙂

Oh I didn’t forget about the i18n-able portage, I actually spoke quickly with Antarus, I hope I’ll be able to convince the portage devs to do that for 2.2 when the new branch opens 🙂

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