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The Curse of the Word Processors

Ok this is getting interesting.

As I bought a new keyboard, and it’s quite comfortable, I moved working using my desktop system instead of the iBook. This also because the temperature under my hands on the iBook is quite high because of the hard disk.

The problem is, as I have an AMD64 system, that I don’t want to use OpenOffice as that’s using 32-bit emulation, so I used KWord from KOffice which works good on its own, and it supports also OASIS OpenDocuments.

I must deliver using SXW format so I thought of just saving in OpenOffice format and then send, but.. lists aren’t exported in OpenOffice documents.

Then I thought of just saving in RTF and open them with NeoOffice/J on the iBook, but… different ordered lists are seen like one continuing list when importing RTFs in OpenOffice. Ok I’m now using KWord and just re-style the lists on NeoOffice/J, but this still isn’t a good way to do, so I installed OpenOffice 1.9.109 here and thought of saving in OpenDocument format and then saving them using OpenOffice to the SXW format but… well it doesn’t work, the OpenDocument saved by KWord and then loaded in OpenOffice doesn’t contain any list.

The problem now is that I just know of two programs which supports ODT: KWord and OpenOffice, and this makes difficult to identify which of the two is at fault now.


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