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Linux Arcade

Non ho ancora avuto tempo di mettere in sesto la mia testa per poter scrivere un brano decente a riguardo di questa news di Slashdot, quindi scrivo solo una piccola entry.
Strano ma vero, tra i commenti di Slashdot, ne troviamo qualcuno interessante e meno lamer del solito, tra cui vorrei citare

I wonder if they’re going to licences the games to run on standard installations? Not free or open source (they’ve got to make money somehow!) but pre-packaged binaries for the most popular distros. They could also get more revenue by creating ‘authentic’ arcade gamepads for standard PCs. Imagine being able to (legally) play your favourite arcade games at home!

Not everyone will agree with this, but games are what will make Linux succeed as the #1 desktop in the world. When you can buy the same games for Linux that you can for Windows and anyone can install them, there will be a massive push behind Linux as an operating system.

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