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Got COVID. It Sucks.

So, yeah. After two years of being careful, wearing masks on public transport and venues, avoiding conventions and conferences, I somehow managed to catch COVID. Unsurprising given that the UK government has dropped all restrictions as fast as it could, and there’s no requirement to isolate if you’re positive (so that they don’t have to provide any support), and the last generation of tests they provided for free appear to be not sensitive enough to detect COVID until the symptoms are well established (the new tests appear a lot more sensitive, but they are not cheap for the vast majority of people.)

I’m writing this post at the end of a week that saw me with a peaking temperature of 38°C, and with very messed up blood sugar levels. While the fever is gone, the blood sugar is not back to normal, and neither is the tiredness. This is supposedly normal, and not something to worry about, since blood sugar control while having any kind of infection (including the common cold) is known to be harder, plus I’m not physically active, that makes it harder to burn the excess sugars.

So, I guess the bright side is that I survived the acute infection – I’m grateful to science and Big Pharma for the vaccines – and like everyone else who went through this, I’m now wondering what the long-term effect of it are going to be, particularly given my diabetes is not one of the “typical” cases, but a secondary effect of the pancreatitis that nearly killed me fifteen years ago.

For now, as I write this, I still have anosmia, which is a very weird feeling for me, as I always, as far as I remember, had a much more sensitive sense of smell than people around me. It seems to be breaking up a bit though, as some smells start actually coming back — I’m using a Yankee Candle as daily test for this.

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting for answers, blog posts, or pull requests from me… well, expect things to take longer, possibly lot longer.

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