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This Friday: Flameeyes Hacking for Ukraine

Last week I made it known I cannot be a “neutral observer of a crisis” while the Putin government invades Ukraine. This week, I’m taking a further step: since Friday I’m not at work, and I’m having a bit of crowd anxiety given the new wave of Covid cases that seems to be going on, I decided to dedicate the afternoon to some FLOSS work that I’ve been procrastinating for months, and take it as a chance to raise money for the British-Ukrainian Aid, that is providing, among other, medical supplies to the displaced population.

This time it’s not a multiple-days marathon like for Cats Protection, and it is not part of any coordinated streaming event. It has no perks, it has no targets. It’s just me suggesting people that it is for a good cause, and try to ground myself in some “work” that needs to be done either way. It’s likely going to involve Home Assistant and Unpaper.

If you want to join me for it, please see the Just Giving page and to get a reminder either follow me on Twitch (do note: the schedule is saying every Friday, but actually it’s a one off — there’s no way to express that in the Twitch system), or join the Facebook Event.

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