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A quick London update

It’s now nearly two months since I last posted something and I guess I should at least break the silence to say that I’m well and alive. Although right now I’m spending a week in Italy – to see friends and family here, and take care of some remaining paperwork – my transfer to London completed and I’m now living on the outskirts of the City.

I was almost writing “completed successfully”, but “success” is hard to measure. As I said in the post where I announced my move, a lot of the reason for me to leave Dublin was the lack of friends and a social circle, so you could say that the only way to measure success is seeing if I manage to build such a social circle in the new city (and country), and that will take a while of course.

In addition to this, more than a few things are not quite going in my favour. For instance, the removal companies that arranged and delivered my move managed to screw up, and two of my boxes are missing, which coincidentally were the ones with the most valuable goods: my gamestation, the router and the professional document scanner. And I’m still waiting to hear from the insurance to see that they at least pay the (depreciated) value of the goods so I can get part of my money back on the new computer I’m trying to buy.

I say I’m trying to buy it, because I spent most of this past Friday fighting with my bank trying to have them let me make payments out of my account, possibly because their risk engine was turned up to eleven due to Black Friday, and it took me a significant amount of time to get in a position to actually dispose of my own money. You can bet that the first thing I’m doing after I’m back from this trip is finding a new bank.

Oh yes and somehow it looks like the company that owns and manages the building my apartment is in, is having a spat with the electricity provider. Last week every tenant in the building received a note from e-on (which is not my provider) saying that they are applying for a warrant to disconnect the landlord’s power supply.

So yeah expect more rants as soon as I manage to settle down, I have drafts.

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  1. Dang. Sorry it wasn’t a smooth move. :(I hope things improve rapidly!

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