This blog might just go away

Sorry to say.

Today I lost not one, but two drafts, because the idiotic JavaScript that Typo uses to save the drafts shows you a green “draft autosaved” message, even though the answer to the autosave request is a 404.

This drove me crazy. Seriously crazy. Crazy is the right word. I’m so angry with this pile of detritus that I literally (and not figuratively!) almost thrown my laptop out of the window.

I’ve gotten tired of Typo, or Publify like it’s called now. They started bolting on tons of features, visual editors, carousels, S3-compatible resource upload, and so on so forth, and now most of it is completely useless to me.

I cannot update my install to “Publify” because there are too many failed merge due to the complete rename of the interface. Plus it requires way too many new dependencies that I really don’t care about. I cannot keep the current one because as I said it’s partially broken.

Either I’m going to build my own system on top of the parts that work of Typo over the next week or so, or I find a new replacement platform, or most likely I’ll just close everything down and rm -rf the database.