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Book Review: Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials How-to

Okay the title is a mouthful for sure, but this new book from Packt Publishing is an interesting read for those who happen to use Mercurial only from time to time and tends to forget most of the commands and workflows, especially when they differ quite a bit from the Git ones.

While I might disagree with using some very unsafe examples (changing the owner of /etc/apache to your user to experiment on it? Really?), the book is a very quick read and I feel like for the price it’s sold by Packt (don’t get distracted by the cover above, that links to Amazon) it’s worth a read, and keeping it on one’s shelf or preferred ebook reader device.

Well, not sure if I can add more to this, I know it sounds like filler, but the book is short enough that trying to get into more details about the various recipes it proposes would probably repeat it whole. As I said, in general, if you have to work with Mercurial for whatever reason, go for it!

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  1. I’m actually surprised that this only comes out now. They asked me more than half a year ago, if I would be open to writing it, but I wasn’t quick enough in saying yes (and also would not have been able to say yes, because they named a deadline of one month for the first draft – no chance that I would have been able to keep that besides my PhD and family-life).I’m glad it worked out, though!I hope it’s up to the standard I would have set for myself.

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