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Game Review: Metal Gear Rising

Okay I know that most of you do not follow my blog with the intention of reading about videogames, but given my Open Source time lately has been limited by me being quite busy with settling down and caring for an apartment, some updates are better than nothing. And since one of the first things that I bought for my apartment was a TV and a (new) PlayStation 3, I got to spend some time with Metal Gear Rising I thought it might be a good idea to write something about it.

First of all I have to apologize to the fans of the whole saga. I only played Metal Gear Solid 4 before, and I didn’t even finish it (my first PS3 died while I was playing it, and I had no backup of the save games — and since this happened quite a bit within the game I didn’t want to play it back from the start afterwards, I might do so now, honestly). I’m also not a big fan of stealth games (I never even completed the demo of Thief, for instance). But I liked MGS4 and I wanted to give a try to MGR simply because I loved the character of Raiden (I like blades, what can I say).

So the gameplay is nice. I love being able to cut almost everything down to pieces, especially when I’m pissed off by the neighbour’s alarm ringing at ten in the night. Or seven in the morning on a bank holiday. I admit I played through in easy mode (I wanted to vent off the stress, not cause more), and thus that might have helped with being able to get away with a basically random kind of attacks. But I liked it, and I liked the fact that it’s not entirely random. I think it might be worth a re-play now that I understand the attacks better (I’m hoping in a new game plus kind of deal).

Graphic is .. well, it’s not like there are any more games that have a bad graphics, but it could be better. It does not feel at the level of Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s also running in 720p, which is surprising for a new game. Although it might have something to do with the fact that the PS3 lacks the memory to run this properly. Oh well, not surprised I’d say, but a bit disappointed.

The soundtrack, oh wow the soundtrack! I’ve loved the soundtrack to the point I had to get it on iTunes. It charges me the same way as DMC4 did.

Unfortunately, maybe because I played in Easy mode, the game is quite too short. Yes there are downloadable chapters, and side “VR” missions, but the former you have to pay for extra, which is just a lowly trick for the publisher, and the latter is not part of the story. One “file” (chapter) consists of … one cut scene and a single batter. That’s not really that nice, in my opinion. As I said I’m going to re-play it with a bit more clue about the attacks, it’s likely going to be more enjoyable. But seriously even in “easy”, two weeks playing on and off were enough to get to the final Metal Gear… I’m not really excited about it.

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