Why is Berkeley DB slotted (but Boost isn’t anymore)

It’s no mystery I hated Boost’s slotted package handling, and that’s captured by the fact that I unslotted it last November as it was doing nothing good for us. But one of the most common comparisons at that point is with Berkeley DB (sys-libs/db) which we still have slotted and I have no intention to change any time soon. So let me document a bit the reason behind this, as they tie up quite nicely with some other tasks connected to berkdb that I’ll get to at the end of the post.

First of all, whether you like or not the non-exactly-clinical assessment, Berkeley DB APIs have been much more stable than Boost’s — even the bump to 5.0 hasn’t been as bad as many thinks, the biggest problem I’ve noticed with it is a broken version check logic:

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