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My time in the USA: Intro


You probably noticed that compared to my usual average, I haven’t written much lately. One of the simplest reason why this happened is that I don’t have that much time, but add to that the fact that I’m spending all my day on this computer in this office, and you can guess I don’t want to spend more to write. As I think I said before, I’m planning on getting a new ultrabook so I can write from one of the parks or from the Starbucks downstairs, that should make it easier.

In the mean time, in what little spare time I have, I’ll be writing a bit about what my experience in the USA has been this year. I have, after all, spent most of my year here, even though I went back to Italy for a while, and spent some time in Brussels (FOSDEM), Paris (VDD, FOMS and post) and London (just sheer pleasure). But is it that important for me to write about this? That’s what I was asking myself for a while, and why I haven’t done this before.

Well, I asked that on Twitter last night and a few people seemed interested in hearing from me what it’s like to be here, so I guess I might as well start writing. There are so many topics on this that it’ll actually be a series of posts, thus why I start with this short introduction. The posts will appear under my Personal category, which is set to syndicate over Gentoo Universe only. If you’re reading my blog not from any Planet, but with a direct feed subscription, and you’d prefer not reading about this at all, you can change your subscription to the technical feed and you won’t be bothered.

Now, even though I’m not having the most outgoing lifestyle, so I can’t say I’m enjoying everything that Hermosa Beach has to offer, I have to say that there are many things, big and small, that are markedly different from living in the suburbs around Venice, Italy… so there should be plenty for me to write about in the next weeks.

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