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So… that’s how I sound speaking English, sigh! Oh it’s my FOSDEM talk…

I’m actually quite ashamed of the bad English in my talk, but I hope the content is understandable. I’m sorry Hans couldn’t make it to FOSDEM for the presentation, but I thank Petteri for giving me the chance to try this out.

I’m honestly disappointed with myself, but I hope things will improve at some point.

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  1. Your English is really not that bad! I had a professor (in the US) who had a far heavier Italian accent than you 🙂

  2. Diego, I really think you did a very good job.I am listening to many scientific talks of non native speakers and you are far better the average Italian speaker.I liked it.

  3. Diego, your English is totally fine. First, nobody likes hearing their own voice recorded, second your English I’m sure is better than 99.99% of your followers Italian 🙂

  4. Heh, I know that there are people who speak worse than me, but I’m looking up to Fabio (who’s much more fluent) and Luca (who doesn’t stop as much to find the words he’s looking for).But I’m glad it’s understandable enough 🙂

  5. Diego, your English is perfectly fine, I understood everything you said and English is not my mother tongue. :)Great presentation, btw, really enjoyed it.

  6. You sound fine. I think you just need to speak up a bit more. Some times it sounds like you’re mumbling, but the accent is not bad.

  7. Your English are just fine. I understood the presentation even though I know /dev/null about Ruby 🙂

  8. Talk and English was good, but where did you disappear so fast afterwards? Didn’t even get to say hi, not to mention chat at Gentoo dinner or afterwards 🙁

  9. Sorry Mart :/ I went out to talk about Rubygems with the Mandriva dev, then I came back for Petteri’s EAPI talk — I was planning on going around the night, but I got lost through Brussels on my way back to the hotel (I went down _much_ sooner than I should have), and by the time I got a taxi to get me off at the Raddison, my leg was killing me.. I took a shower and went to bed.

  10. I wouldn’t have asked you if I thought there was a problem with your English skills. I agree with others that you did a great job covering for Hans.

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