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Blogging from a tablet

While I’ve got a tablet for a few months now, I never tried typing some longer test on it, something like, you got it, a blog post. I’m honestly quite sceptic about the usage of tablets for everything, especially for content production, but I see their usefulness for what concern content consumption, or for handling tasks with a properly designed workflow — heck, I only got this tablet to implement a tablet oriented interface for a customer of mine, and I got to admit, the end result is sweet.

Let’s start with the first admission: the tablet I’m writing on is an iPad. The choice wasn’t really mine, as I said before but at the end of the day it isn’t so bad. You have lots of compromises to take, but the same is true of my Android phone. Life’s hard.

I would never have used this device even for trying to write a blogpost until the new software release was in: the split keyboard is the first improvement toward making the tablet really usable for writing for more than a couple of lines, even though I find the division of left and right keys pretty arbitrary, in particular my left thumb keeps looking for ‘B’, ‘H’ and ‘Y’, which are all on the right side.

Nonetheless, the lack of real physical feedback makes it hard for me to type fast on this thing. The autocorrect thingie is passable, when writing in English, but it becomes unusable quite quickly in Italian. And this is by far not only a problem for Apple’s devices, as the only keyboard for Android I am able to use, and even that with quite a bit of trouble, is SwiftKey.

Sigh, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make use of the small time fragments that my work life is unfortunately full of lately to complete the posts I keep in mind and that I wish to write.

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  1. As clunky as it is, consider a Bluetooth keyboard for it. I’ve used that for some kinds of writing because it’s still smaller and lighter than my laptop.

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