Are there still qmail users in Gentoo?

This might sound like a stupid question, but looking at the tinderbox results, it looks like qmail is in need of a new maintainer, or set of maintainers.

Let’s start with the old app-doc packages that are still lingering around since 2002, taking app-doc/ucspi-tcp-man as an example. It was originally installed as a separate package, but since 2008, with the 0.88-r17 revision of sys-apps/ucspi-tcp it was merged in. But it took two year to start a stable request by the maintainer and it was only this year that it finally went stable. A similar issue happened with daemontools and both of those required me to go through and remove the old ebuilds and the -man packages that cause so much trouble with my tinderbox setup.

But there are many more issues with the related packages; for instance the huge list of collisions on man pages only for many qmail-related packages, or the fact that some ebuilds have bogus src_test functions (which I’m now removing myself without even waiting for maintainers at this point).

All in all, the long series of bugs, some of which appears to be also security-related, makes me wonder if we wouldn’t need a more “hands-on” maintainers team for qmail and the rest of the djb software, which usually seems to be quite tightly related. So if you are a qmail user in Gentoo, please look at the proxy maintainers project that Markos announced two days ago, your help will be appreciated.