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Hey host, give me a new login please!

One of the reasons why I’ve been spending all this time rewriting and extending pambase lately has been that Samuli asked for my help to sort out the ConsoleKit problems he’s been seeing for the past months. Authorisation problems with both XFCE and (less often) GNOME are mostly due to a misconfigured or misbehaving ConsoleKit, and the main cause of that seems to be PAM-related.

Indeed, after a bit of poking around I came to the idea that PAM needs a whole audit and that the new pambase was really important to work on. As it happens, most of what I wrote yesterday tied with the need for the graphical manager and the text login to differentiate their session chains — there are bonus points because we can solve a few more problems with noisy modules at the same time, but that’s beside the point now.

So there has been two main issues here:

  • the nox11 option given to pam_ck_connector need to be dropped for X logins;
  • all the desktop managers need to move to use the system-login (now system-graphical-login) service, rather than using system-auth directly.

As messed up as this might be, now that I reached the end of the alley, I guess the right questions I had to ask were:

  • why none of the managers used the system-local-login stack as it was intended with pambase? the answer is actually what I wrote in the previous post: the noisy modules (motd/mail/lastlog) caused hiccups and noise on login with GDM and the others; which is now solved by using a different service for them;
  • why was nox11 added to the system-login service? Because when I was suggested to set it up, whoever gave me the line (I don’t remember who was, I didn’t know enough about ConsoleKit to come up with it myself — and I still don’t know much about it) only considered it to be used with GDM; since GDM takes care of creating the session itself, there is no need for the PAM module to do so.

Unfortunately, as it happens, GNOME is no longer the only environment to use ConsoleKit, and thus GDM not the only desktop manager used by users that should be authorized by it. The other desktop managers, though, are not going to integrate ConsoleKit themselves (heck, PAM was designed with this need in mind) so they should be using the module without the nox11 option. So what happens if we disable it? Well, GDM will create its own session after the one from the PAM module is created; the session coming from PAM will result unused, but won’t hinder much. It’s an acceptable compromise as well. A more solid situation you’d have if you simply disable ConsoleKit by USE flags on gdm, so that only the PAM version is applied — at the time of writing this, the ebuild does not allow you to do this though. For whatever reason they decided it was a good idea to use a “same” dependency between the ConsoleKit support in GDM and pambase even though it would rather be a “either or” dependency: either in GDM or in PAM.

So this should solve the problems (once applied of course) for GDM, KDM and XDM. Unfortunately Slim, which is the manager Samuli suggested me to begin testing with, still doesn’t work. Oh, ConsoleKit creates the session, all right, but it is not marked as local at all. Why is that?

Well, among the attributes PAM applications can provide to the modules to test against is one called PAM_RHOST that stands for remote-host; XDM, GDM and KDM only set this if the DISPLAY variable does not start with a colon, which mean that we’re displaying on a remote server; ConsoleKit decides that the session isn’t local as soon as it finds a rhost value; on the other hand Slim sets the rhost to localhost in all cases (and so does the sample pam_env configuration file that we don’t actually execute anyway). This basically means that even once the PAM issues are all sorted out, Slim-initiated sessions will result non-local.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, I have to just make sure that all the ebuilds in portage call the right service. Piece of cake, right?

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  1. Diego, can you, please, elaborate on how slim can be workarounded for now until new pambase is deployed?

  2. Right now it cannot; the problem is that the way slim works, it sets the remote host to “localhost”, thus breaking the ConsoleKit logic.

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