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Sharing more of my infrastructure

While my repeated tries to release FSWS haven’t sorted out yet, mostly because I’m waiting on the Free Software Foundation to tell me whether I can re-use the wording of their autoconf exception in terms of AGPL3, I decided to publish something else for everybody to see: the ModSecurity rules I’ve been using on this blog for the longest time.

You can now find my RuleSet on GitHub — it includes most of the general rules I’ve been using and at least part of the comment antispam I’ve applied. I’m now trying to clean up my own rules so that they can actually be pushed further to other users as well.

You can see that most of the rules weren’t made to be flexible or generic enough, so I’m still going through a bit of trial and error to get them published, but it shouldn’t take much to have them cleaned up properly.

All my rules will be released under a very permissive license: CC-BY-SA; which is to say I don’t care what you do with them, as long as you make them further available and credit me for the original in case. If you need a different license to ship it with commercial products or to merge it to other rule sets, simply contact me, I’ll most likely agree to any term as long as it’s reasonable.

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