Keep on…

  • keep on ignoring requests coming from a QA team member;
    • keep on de-CCing QA on your bugs when said QA team member state that the fix is the wrong one, just stating that “it’s the wrong place open a new bug” when your solution was decided there;
    • keep on complaining if less than 1% of bugs filed, out of literally thousands lack a log file;
    • keep on asking me to not use the f-word because it makes it bad for you to be associated with Planet Gentoo (but on the other hand, feel no harm in being associated with people who repeatedly made Gentoo unusable for its users);
    • keep on spitting on me for pointing out that your unmask ideas are between reckless and totally stupid;
    • keep ignoring the bugs that are reported for your package;
    • keep bumping packages you don’t maintain, without looking into the further QA-related issues, and without declaring yourself the maintainer;
    • keep repeating the same mistakes and when asked to revise your attitude use the “but he did it as well” card.

Keep it up this way, then look back to see if there is QA at all.