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Autotools Mythbuster: Indexed!

Since there has been talking about Autotools today, and at least on the Reddit comments, my Autotools Guide got linked, I decided to take a few minutes of my time and extended the guide a bit further. I was already doing so to document the automake options (I was actually aiming at documenting the flavors and in particular the foreign mode so I would stop finding 0-sized NEWS files around), but this time I tried to make it a bit more searchable…

So right now there is a new page with the terms index and I shortened the table of concepts so that it more easily flow in the browser. The titles should be quite explaining of where to end up to. Right now I only added a single index for terms, even though I considered splitting them down per macro or variable, similarly to how it’s done in the official documentation, but for now this should do. I did add a “commons error” primary term though, as that should make it easier to find the common errors that the various tools report which I covered.

Now, these are the good news, here come the bad news though. Quite a while after first publication, the guide still is lacking a lot and my style hasn’t particularly improved. I’m not sure how good it can become by this pace. On the other hand, I’m still open to receiving requests and answering them there (thanks to Fabio asking about it, there’s now a whole section about pkg-config although it does not cover the -uninstalled variant that I use(d) on lscube so much).

Contributions in both corrections, general improvements or even just ideas are very welcome; so are donations or, more interestingly nowadays, flattr clicks (thanks to Sebastian for giving me an invite!). There is a flattr button at the bottom of the Autotools Mythbuster pages… if it is going to help you, a flattr, little as it can be, is going to show your appreciation in a way that reminds me why I started working on it.

There are going to be more news related to the guide in the future anyway, and a few more related to autotools in general, sweet news for some of you, slightly less sweet for me… so keep yourself seated, the journey is still on!

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