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Not taking part to GSoC

Even if I didn’t always take part to GSoC as a mentor in the past years, I usually follow the whole situation closely enough to have a clue on what’s going on and suggest possible projects. You might have noticed that I haven’t done so this year at all; I’ll be honest and say I haven’t looked at the whole thing at all. And I’m decided not to take part to the Summer of Code.

This has not to be read as a criticism of Summer of Code; while I’m still afraid Gentoo gained too little in the past experiences, this is not really a part of my decision. The simple reason is… I don’t have the time to follow this up properly.

As a mentor you should really be ready to pay attention to your student at any time; while you cannot hold their hand the whole way you need to be available for them when they need, and I’ve been so swamped lately between work and personal life affairs that I have even forgotten to send out status reports on a job project I’ve been working hard on, and I have a huge inbox of mail that I have only partially handled.

So all in all, while I still wish the best of luck to the participants of Summer of Code, both Mentors and Students, I cannot be relied upon for mentoring, nor for continuing support. I’ll try to be around, but don’t count on me if you don’t get an answer in a week… and definitely don’t count on me if you need an answer straight away.

I’m sorry, everybody!

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  1. I’d suggest removing your name from various proposals then, since students have been pinging you re: soc…

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