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Health status report

For hose who’re still worried after my latest health post I have good news finally. In the past three weeks my blood sugar levels kept between 62 and 118 mg/dL which is definitely not bad. This is, though, while I’m taking both metformin and glibenclamide pills (400+2.5g each meal). I also increased my usual exercise, thanks to Nintendo’s Wii Fit (the best way to stop a geek from being sedentary: give him a chart to follow!).

My eyesight is, though, still fluctuating, although the €65 glasses I bought are definitely useful hen reading, especially stuff written quite small, I’m now using fewer days than I expected them to be used. They are also only for near sight obviously, so I can only use them to read or write, but that’s also fine. After all, they are temporarily and I paid them quite less than the ones I used before, even though the lenses are quite huge.

All in all, I cannot really complain at how things are going, if not for the fact that I’m really sleeping too little, between one thing and another; last night (at the time I’m writing) I was up till 5am to fix my radeon’s driver installation (and I just now remembered that I haven’t opened two bugs for it yet!), and the night before I was up till 3am to prepare charts for some Gentoo-related analysis.

This is mostly why I start to have a short fuse with people who attack me for the work I’m doing. I’m not expecting all the users to be thankful, and I know a lot will always complain about something, see the whole XMMS crap-spreading, but really it gets old after a while, given I’m not paid to do what I do already.

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  1. GLIB-enclamide ? Kinda appropriate :-)Good news about the health. Also I’m personally indebted to you for life for killing XMMS. As for Sudo – you’re right, they’re wrong. End of story.

  2. Just don’t hurt yourself with too much work and too little rest! You’re a huge contribution to Gentoo, you may take some rest sometimes. You can’t fix it all. Health comes first. We love you! 😀

  3. Good to read your condition is improving. Keep doing the things you need to do for yourself, health is always more important.

  4. Metformin, hmm. I almost forget all what my pharmacology teacher taught me.You should always care your health first. About other’s opinion, you also know, you can never fit everyone’s needs, but you are not born for everyone’s need. You come here to satisfy yourself. Do your work and make your own sound. Even I do not agree with your idea, I love your frankness.

  5. good to hear that things are improving… but please dont put yourself under pressure. first, there is your health, second, there is your health, …. and far behind comes the rest. thank you very much for your contributions to gentoo and also for this blog. I enjoy both 😉

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