Health status report

For hose who’re still worried after my latest health post I have good news finally. In the past three weeks my blood sugar levels kept between 62 and 118 mg/dL which is definitely not bad. This is, though, while I’m taking both metformin and glibenclamide pills (400+2.5g each meal). I also increased my usual exercise, thanks to Nintendo’s Wii Fit (the best way to stop a geek from being sedentary: give him a chart to follow!).

My eyesight is, though, still fluctuating, although the €65 glasses I bought are definitely useful hen reading, especially stuff written quite small, I’m now using fewer days than I expected them to be used. They are also only for near sight obviously, so I can only use them to read or write, but that’s also fine. After all, they are temporarily and I paid them quite less than the ones I used before, even though the lenses are quite huge.

All in all, I cannot really complain at how things are going, if not for the fact that I’m really sleeping too little, between one thing and another; last night (at the time I’m writing) I was up till 5am to fix my radeon’s driver installation (and I just now remembered that I haven’t opened two bugs for it yet!), and the night before I was up till 3am to prepare charts for some Gentoo-related analysis.

This is mostly why I start to have a short fuse with people who attack me for the work I’m doing. I’m not expecting all the users to be thankful, and I know a lot will always complain about something, see the whole XMMS crap-spreading, but really it gets old after a while, given I’m not paid to do what I do already.