My health and my week off

I took a week off from everything this week, mostly. The reason for that is to be found in my recent health problems although it might not be easily categorised as such.

The problem is: my eyesight got a lot worse. Due to diabetes, I’m due to have eyesight problems for quite a while, and right now I’m at an historic low. I really cannot look at the monitor for more than twenty minutes, nor I can read anything at all; I cannot play with the PSP, I cannot do crosswords, I cannot read the SMS I receive (and I can only send them thanks to the qwerty keyboard in the E75).

Luckily, it’s not impairing my general movement (yet) so I’m still going around and doing the tasks that I have to, away from the keyboard. But for all that involves using a monitor, well, I’m just off for now. This all started when I stated to take meds, so hopefully it’ll get stabilised soon. I ordered a new pair of glasses, a temporary one though, that will arrive on Saturday. With that I’ll literally be back in business. I just hope I won’t start ordering €60 glasses every other month to cover for the eyesight change…

Anyway, thanks to Rcomian for the OpenMP book, it arrived today, I’ll be reading it and starting to apply it as soon as I’ll be able to see!