About my health… yes, again.

Seems like this happens almost every year, but I’m again in a health scare kind of situation. Last week I found my blood sugar level to be sky-high (over 400 mg/dl); a set of blood tests afterwards, my HbG value is 12% which is tremendously high as well.

What does this mean? Well nothing really, I just wanted to share this out. I might disappear for some more time because fo this, I’ll be trying to do more paid work than I’m doing Gentoo work right now because even when there is a national health service covering me, I have learnt the hard way that there are a lot of extra costs to the side of the health issues, that don’t write up with the actual medical coverage, nor with the loss of job projects.

So the bottom-line is, I’m going to withdraw a bit of my involvement in Gentoo for the next few weeks, and I need somebody else to pick up some of my packages and bugs. So, sorry if I cannot really work on some Gentoo things that I promised to look into soon enough, I’ll try my best but it might be hard for me.

2 thoughts on “About my health… yes, again.

  1. Well mate you’re in luck….sort of…I’m a doctor my field is diabetes and I’m a proud gentoo user. I know a guy you don’t know, over the ocean, is not the most trusted figure, but if you need any medical help that I can provide I’ll be more than happy to help.


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