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Two years ago, today

Two years ago, today, August 12th 2007, in the early hours of the morning (3 AM) I was being brought to the hospital for my first hospitalisation ever: the start of my Pancreatitis saga (that’s the last post I was able to write in that month, a few hours before). It took me forty-two days to come home from the hospital, with sixteen spent in the intensive care unit.

After that, I’ve spent another week in hospital last year in July, and then almost the whole month of September (in a centre specialised on pancreatic diseases), in the middle of which I finally had surgery. And from there on I was finally able to say I recovered. Right now, while still having to keep sugar levels under control, I can seem to live my life normally (given I didn’t drink alcohol before, the fact that it’s now poisonous for me is no problem; and since I took my coffee without sugar before too, that’s also not much of a problem).

Two years after the fact, I’m working as hard as then, and I get the same amount of stress, which aren’t really extremely good things to be honest. On the other hand it mean I probably fully recovered by now and I can live more lightly from now on that I had in the past two years. Unfortunately I cannot simply ignore what happened; my gallbladder problems may as well be hereditary, which means that if I’ll ever have a life and a family, I’ll have to take extra care for that.

On the other hand, my reason to write this post is mostly to remind you that while I’m happy to receive appreciation tokens there are more important things in this world, so if you do find yourself willing to donate something, please do so, but in favour of research.

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  1. Oh firstly I’m really sorry to hear that you really suffered a lot in the past years but being optimistic is quite important especially these days. I’ll always feel happy if I could help others and if I have the abilities. may every good man living a happy and healthy life!

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