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Flameeyes goes to London (almost surely)

Okay for tonight I’ll post something quite personal, rather than a technical post (don’t worry guys tomorrow you’ll get to learn what happened after pam_mktemp I have the post written already).

I’m posting it here, after telling about it to a few people so I can actually find the courage to go on with the plan (you have no idea how much I have to force myself to overcome the fear of planes): next week I’m going, with a few friends, to London. And that means boarding a plane.

Preparations are already ongoing, luckily my cellphone is already set (thanks 3 for the free roaming among branches!), although I have some problems with my debit and credit cards (I haven’t learned the PIN code of the credit card since we don’t use it in Italy, and I’m afraid it won’t work in UK without it; the debit card has some limits for foreign operations, I’ve requested for them to be unlocked now).

What does this mean for you who are reading my blog? Well not really much; I’ll probably post one thing either before going, or while I’m there (thanks to the E75 phone), which is going to be up on August 12th, deadlined. For the rest of the week the blog is going to be silent, since I’m not bringing my laptop with me. It wouldn’t be able to connect either because I cannot seem to get the bluetooth tethering working on Fedora 11 (although wifi still would work). Gentoo work will all be postponed till I come back, given that yamato is going to stay off for a few days (off and detached so my mother can also clean my office, likely). Since I have some removal scheduled for the time, I’ve shoved the tasks back to Luca, who’s also going to take care of anything I might have to do in that timeframe for what concerns my packages.

Why the rushed decision? Well… it’s the only way I can make such a decision: if I were to postpone, or if I have more than a day or two to decide, I would probably look back and find a way to drop out. This way, I really cannot. Thus also why I’m repeating it here. I’m going to be there, one way or another, next week, whatever it takes me to do! And if I can get rid of my fear, you’re probably going to find me at conferences here and there from time to time, finally.

And just to convince my subconscious further, I’m seeing the fact that I ordered an USB hub from Amazon, that has a British power supply (I guess I’ll have to get some converters, both ways), as a sign. I don’t believe in signs usually (I do believe in Murphy’s law though!), but I know the power they have. Not in the usual “new agey” sense of power, but rather in the way they can help trick the mind. And since my fear is mind-created (if I ever boarded a plane before, it would have been different), I’ll just have to trick it long enough till it stops tricking me.

So anyway, trying to tie down the loose ends this week so I can be relaxed for the vacation week, and come back rested, and ready to do more work without risking burning out.

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  1. Good luck!I actually work in an aviation safety company, and you’ll be happy to know the EU is one of the safest places to fly in the world.

  2. If thinking about using E75 data connections while abroad, don’t unless you can afford paying a lot for the transfer as the roaming prices can be huge.

  3. Have a lot of fun in London as it for sure is worth a visit. And going by plane is for sure a lot safer then going by car!I agree with Betelgeuse, check the fine-print on 3s roaming charges for internet-usage when abroad as they can be enormously expensive leaving you with bills of several 100s or even 1000s of euros. I do have internet-coverage with 3 in the UK, but that contract does not cover other counties!!

  4. If it helps, I’ve been on at least 50 flights in my life and never had a single problem. I go to London quite a lot but won’t be around next week. Shame. Have fun. What will you be doing?

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