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What’s going on with me

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been less involved in Gentoo in the past weeks, and I’m still not sure how long it could continue this way. The main reason is that I’m currently handling multiple work projects at once, and that requires most of my time, robbing it out from Gentoo, which I’m neither paid for nor currently is involved in my work projects.

I’m currently fighting the jobs on various fronts; most of what I’m working for is closed-source, some is web based and other totally isn’t, it’s a real mix and match of problems, and at the same time I’m also expanding in other kind of computer-related services, including standard Home/SoHo PC assistance (pushing for Linux whenever it’s fit), and into reselling/hosting of domain. Probably stuff that most of my colleague and most of the Gentoo powerusers have done or are still doing. Really I don’t like this, but it pays the bills.

In this note, I’ve also been trying to expand my static website generator so to support multi-language websites; this comes from a necessity of myself to actually have a website where I can write about my services for the Italian customers, who prefer an Italian-written site, and at the same time, have the website serve my usual English-based content. It’s going to be tricky and I already foresee it’s going to require me to rewrite most of the code in it to handle the XML language attributes, but sooner or later I’ll get it to work.

Of course, once I’m done with the website generator side, I’ve gotta set up Apache to serve the correct language but still allow override, and there’s where the fun is going to start since I really want the most automation and the most flexibility in a single Apache configuration, with dynamically-served static files!

On other notes, my desktop views are currently full of terminals and other craps in both computers, Yamato (12 desktops) and Merrimac (9 desktops); there are terminals with the tinderbox, terminals and emacs with feng sources, two MonoDevelop instances (yes I know it’s crazy) and a number of terminals and emacs spent between Yamato and Vanguard (this server) since I spent most of the day trying to help tracking down a bug in Typo with caching (now solved, luckily, since the blog without caching tends to get quite a hit).

And finally, if you’re interested in anything at all in particular from me, since I really don’t have much free time myself, you should either wait, ask me, bribe me or hire me (especially if you’re in Europe since I actually can invoice you there!). Yes I should try to sell myself better on my site rather than doing these shameless plugs.

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  1. Oh, I just realised! You’ve named all your machines after famous warships! And gee, it seems you use desktops like I do… I’ve got ten, eight, and seven. 🙂

  2. Actually they are warships by proxy; all my boxes, vservers, devices have names from the Star Trek Universe; this includes names that were lifted off warships to begin with (this is usually the mainline).Side-channel devices have more extravagant names like Talvath, Holodeck and Delta Flyer 😉

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