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The end of the mono-debugger saga

So after starting inspecting and finding the problem last night I finally had a tenative patch that makes mdb work fine.

Indeed, I simply implemented some extended debuglink file support into the Bfd managed wrapper, which finds sections and symbols in the debuglinked file whenever they are not found in the original file. This solves my problem, although it might not be complete yet, since I have written it in 20 minutes. I’ve attached the version for trunk on my bug report and I’ll add my backport to 2.4.2 to my overlay today. After a bit of testing, I hope to get it in main tree too.

Speaking of testing, the mono-debugger ebuild had a test restriction, with no bug referenced; I’m quite sure that the tests that do fail are the ones that should have told us that mono-debugger wouldn’t have worked on the default Gentoo install at all. I’ll probably have to add some logic to warn the user about split-debug setups (please not that our default of stripping files of debug information does not strip the symbol table of, otherwise also gdb wouldn’t work at all; and lets mdb work fine, so it’s only a problem with split-debug).

After the debugger finally started to work, I also found another problem: mono itself does not seem to load libraries requested by DllImport through the standard dlopen() interface, but it looks for them in particular directories; which don’t include all the possible directories at all. This became a problem because the current default version of libedit in Gentoo does not have a soname, and it caused mono to find a that was not a library at all (but rather an ldscript). But that’s a problem for another day, and my solution is just to use a newer libedit version that works fine.

Now I’ll go back to my tinderbox, and in the next few days you’ll probably see a few more posts about different topics than Mono… even though I have a few patches to post there as well.

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