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Tinderbox suspension for a few days

If you’re following me on bugzilla, or looking at the feed of new bugs reported, or just are watching the trackers for the bugs I usually report most often (gcc 4.4 and glibc 2.10 failures mostly), you might have noticed that I haven’t been opening new bugs for a few days already. Please note that this is not a stable situation, it’s just a temporary setback, caused by – you guess – an hardware failure (you could answer this more quickly if you were following me on since I have been writing about it).

This time the problem is the UPS’s battery that have consumed after two and a half years (which actually explains pretty well how it was that this year I won two APC gadgets, after years of filing in questionnaires). As soon as the load reaches 40%, the battery charge result to last for 1 to 3 minutes max, which is not right and certainly not enough to shut Yamato down from a tinderboxing run. I have also to note that the power load on the UPS varies between 27% almost idle, and 60% during full-blown build of all the cores which is what the tinderbox does.

I’ve called my supplier on Wednesday night to order the battery, it’ll arrive to the shop next Monday, but I’ll only be able to pick it up on Tuesday (since I have a work appointment and I’ll be around that place). During this time, I’m trying to keep the load on the UPS to the minimum so that it has at least a few minutes to stop everything down; this obviously includes not having the tinderbox running full time.

Myself, trying not to load the box with my own usage, I’m trying to take a few days to work on my paid job (that requires me to use Merrimac instead, which is on a different UPS, which as far as I can tell, is for now still keeping up), reading and watching a few films I’ve gotten lately and haven’t had time to watch, maybe I’ll be able to play a bit too, but I’m not counting on it much, I have already a full weekend with my job tasks.

In the past ten days I was able to read from cover to cover John Grisham’s The Rainmaker – I don’t particularly like lawyers; I don’t particularly dislike them either. I don’t know why I tent to devour Grisham’s books this way (the first I read, in Italian, The King of Torts, I finished during a whole night!). At any rat eI’m trying to resume my average reading, in 2007 I read 19 books, last year just seven; while of course the reason why I read so many more in 2007 is tied to the 42 days of hospital I went through, and the months that it took for me to recover, I’d like to at least reach 13 books this year. It’s also a sort of way to try cooling off before I burn out.

Anyway, will be back soon.

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