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Changing console is not as easy as C-M-F2

I never have been an extreme player; sure I did play quite a bit when I was young, but I always resisted to buy most games for PC and never got a console until last year. I did get an handheld to play Pokémon two years ago which started my actual “game career”, then I got the PS3 last year and the PSP last Christmas.

Now, I’m still playing with the PS3, I got a few games I haven finished yet, and I really enjoy them; on the other hand I noticed that a lot of games that I’d like, like Lost Odyssey that Mark suggested me, are only available for the XBox 360… didn’t seem to be that way when I got the PS3 (which, to be honest, I originally got to watch BluRays).

So now I’m sticking with the PS3, the few games that I have and waiting to see if something new come out; I do have UT3 and I love that, but I don’t have a table in my room to play with keyboard and mouse (and I can’t play it with the controller, I tried but I cannot!), not yet at least (I need to go searching for one at Ikea). And of course I’m waiting for the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite release for PSP.

All in all seems like you Gentoo users were lucky; if I had an XBox 360 I’d be playing all day long instead of working on Gentoo… and I’m not going to get another console, given I don’t have the money to.

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