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Working; playing; reading; sleeping; living?

Another pretty useless post; I wonder if I should just pass the Technical category to Gentoo Universe before I flood it in with the personal useless posts.

So I have been working almost all day, between my paid job and tinderbox logs analysis I spent most of the daylight, and most of the night (if you want to know, I usually eat in front of the computer to dedicate more time to both work and Gentoo; not a totally working day though, I was able go out with a friend of mine (although he insists on trying to find a place to play pool in Mestre during the afternoon… a bit tricky!), and tonight my sister came by. But still the day was quite heavy.

I was trying to finish my archiving work (thanks to all of you who suggested me all-in-one systems and in particular HP’s; I got an HP Jsomething all-in-one, while I can’t seem to get the wireless working – not that I care extremely – the basic support is there, ADF included), although at one point the ADF jammed and my scan2pdf script failed to deal with that (I need to sophisticate it a lot more). I had to stop when my parents came to sleep since it’s still quite noisy — I should find somewhere to go one day.

Then I decided to play; I’m trying to complete, somehow, Oblivion.. that’s one massive game: I did finish a couple in the mean time, but I still haven’t completed it. I just can’t seem to be able to play it for more than a week in a row though, so tomorrow I’ll skip to GT5P again most likely, if I can find time to play, that is. And especially at some point I’ve decided to just try to sleep.

But I couldn’t, so I decided as usual to listen to some BBC podcasts; unfortunately I have to write to Shure as soon as I find time, and that means soon, because last week my pretty expensive earphones (yeah the photo is missing from that post, I’ll have to work on that, too) ended up breaking, sort-of.. they still work, but the rubber protection of one of the plugs was torn so much that it broke. And I didn’t really massacre them, so it’s not something I like to see on a €150 pair of phones!

Anyway, I decide to listen to the Book Panel podcast, which already provided me with a true masterpiece even though I don’t have currently time to read much (I’ve read a fun book by the Italian actress Luciana Littizzetto lately but that was just a series of short gags that I could read once now and once then — on the other hand I’m taking two days at the end of the month to go away from home, and I might just find time to read at least a whole book!). And as I start listening, I end up listening to the review of a (translated) Italian book, with the Italian author speaking. Oh well.. it’s not the first time it happens, so I still listen on. I finish the episode and start the next (or rather the previous since they are played in backward order) and … another Italian! No please no!

I have nothing against Italian authors, I like a lot of them, I am full of books by Italian authors, in Italian of course; but I don’t want to have to spend the energy to understand what they say in English when I could just listen to an interview of them in Italian in the first place. To be totally honest, most of us Italian don’t really speak (or write, in my case) a very good English; there are exceptions of course, I know quite a few people that you would never say they are Italian when they speak English. On the other hand, most of the authors I’ve listened to in English somewhere… well.. just didn’t cut it.

So now I’ve been braindumping some stuff, checking on the tinderbox, and hopefully I’m tired enough to sleep till tomorrow morning, when I’ll start working again, as usual.

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