Random bits

Since I haven’t had much time to write in the past few days (lots of stuff going on in my life, both personal and professional), I’m just going to draft up a few quick, random bits that might be of interest:

  • I’ve written some notes about automake 1.11 on the Axant blogs; as I said before, you might want to take a look to that blog too since I’ll post something there from time to time; I’m also working on some extension to the Autotools Mythbusters guide which I’ll post later;
  • staying in topic with the guide, it is no longer donation-based (for the same reason why I cannot accept money donations any longer); instead I’ll work on it on a free-time basis; you can still send me a gift if you wish for me to write about a particular topic about Autotools, or you can hire me if you need it for sure;
  • for what concerns my return to Gentoo/FreeBSD I still haven’t finished porting PulseAudio; but I was able to tackle a few more problems, included unused and missing USE flags in the system ebuilds, now it should look nicer;
  • I’m currently on hold when it comes to feng but I count on getting back on track quite soon;
  • no luck with NetBSD yet, even with the latest version of QEmu (0.10.4);
  • while I have scanned over 400 sheets of paper , there are more documents, bills, and packaging slips that I haven’t scanned; and I haven’t even found the time to actually scan the house’s bills (which wouldn’t be required for me to move out but would still be nice); scanning the stuff by hand with the flatbed scanner is not too nice though, so if somebody has a suggestion for a cheap (less than €300) scanner with ADF properly supported by sane, it’d be nice;
  • the Typo install on the blog has been modified a bit to improve the tagging functionalities, but I haven’t merged duplicated tags yet, nor added proper descriptions where it’s needed, for this reason I’ve temporarily removed indexing of tags for all the search engines; once the tags are cleaned up I’ll see to put it back on; I should also hide tags with just one post each, for safety;
  • I need some personal time to handle some things with the change of season, starting with discarding old clothes that I can’t wear any longer (the Summer Of Code 2006 T-Shirt is one of those unfortunately): with the whole thing about hospital, I went from an XXL to a M size..

And for those who actually wonder what the heck I’ve been doing lately, there’s always identi.ca (and Twitter, but I prefer identi.ca).