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Lily of the valley

Today I’m tired even if I just woke up at a 3.30pm; tonight I dreamt of work and other stuff, it’s really not the best dream in the world, and I was even using my artificial sleep helper . I guess the problem is that I overstretched myself once again and worked for about 16 hours a day for the past month. So for today, I’m hopefully off to play, watch tv, play with friends and stuff like that.

If you were expecting anything from me today, it’s going to be postponed, sorry. But the tinderbox is hopefully running (minus possible infinite loops), and thus I’ll work on those logs tomorrow almost for sure.

I was hoping to go out to make a few more photos (yesterday I did a few good shots ), but the weather is cloudy and menacing rain, so it’s not the best idea I could have. Too bad.

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