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Refreshing Gentoo Work

After a few months spent mostly working on lscube, I’ve been ignoring most of the non-basic Gentoo work for a while. Between last night (before going to sleep) and this morning, though, I started the catch-up work.

First of all, Tim released a new version of libarchive that required some testsuite fixing (and I haven’t noticed the first time around that it now wrongly uses -Werror since I have -Wno-error in my CFLAGS to avoid time wastes). Thankfully, Tim is a dream upstream to work with and the most important fix is already upstreamed.

Then I have been active in the Ruby area since I both needed to work on the new Typo and a few more packages are bundled with Typo’s code (you’re going to find a git branch with no third party code bundled in my git repositories when I’m done), and got some new tasks to work on.

The gems problem, which is hopefully going to be solved after the Summer of Code, is for now just being sidestepped; indeed, I’ve ended up adding the will_paginate library with a fake gemspec which actually works pretty nicely, without having the usual side effects of gems (no object files installed, no extra dependency on rake, no installed testsuite) and with the obvious advantages from the tarballs, including working testsuites (and tested), documentation built on request and installed, as well as examples. This, and probably a few more before end of the month, package will be tested directly here on the blog if you’re interested on the outcome.

I still have a few things that I’m supposed to have done in the past month among which figures updating calibre (I’ve been using an old version on OSX up to now), figuring out why libcdio-0.81 freezes down during install, and stuff like that. Hopefully I’ll also be able to find time for those now that my job is a bit more safe than it was before.

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