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Upgrading Typo

It’s again that time of the year when I get tired and decide to update Typo; although this is probably one of the most invasive changes since I started using this software (it moved from Subversion to GIT), it seems to have been the one with less issues to fix. Although some were quite nasty.

First problem is that the version you can find in git right now is broken and won’t start up… and to “blame” is our very own Hans (graaf)! I say “blame” because it’s not really his fault, and I just worked it around by removing the Dutch localisation, which I don’t need anyway. I had to fix up the theme to work with the new Typo code, but I also took the time to fix a few more obnoxious things in the theme so that it now looks nicer too.

There were just two main issues with the update: the easy one is that the users don’t get activated after migration, which means you cannot login, a psql call after and I’m back in; the other problem is that the Atom feed generated was invalid, because to replace the HTML entities like eacute for é and similar, it decoded all the entities… included the lt/gt used to avoid injecting tags into the posts; luckily for me I had one such “fake tag” right in my previous post so I have noticed this problem right away; I hacked it around for now, as soon as I have little more time I’m going to actually fix it properly.

I had to update the mod_security access restriction since now comments are posted through a single /comments URI, which actually makes it much nicer. I’m going to update it and post it ASAP. The live search support (which I already removed from the template a few days ago) now is optional in Typo itself, which is good; I have to port the Google custom search code to the new sidebar plugin interface, to make it blend better.

I’ll require a couple more packages to be added to portage to work too, but that can happen later, not today that I’m already swamped a bit. I like the new admin interface, although it increased the size of fonts (although not as much as WordPress) and I hate huge fonts (Firefox does not allow me to use smaller fonts it seems; the rest of my system is set to 75dpi – which is fake – but works fine, Firefox does not accept that).

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