Differences in cabling, differences in Wikipedia

I’ve been having some nasty problems with Yamato with the two ethernet interfaces disappearing from time to time at boot, which isolated my bedroom and all its equipment, since one of those is bridging that to my wireless network (through use of two eth-over-powerline adapters). When reporting these problem with Tyan (the mainboard manufacturer) they suggested me to replace the PSU and upgrade from 550W to at least 650W. Since I had to order some stuff from my German supplier I decided to add to that order a 750W PSU from be quiet! (the same brand as the old one). It arrived yesterday.

The surprise was that when I brought it out, the connector on the back of the unit was not the standard “kid home-shaped” connector that we’re used to (at least in Europe), the IEC C13/C14 couple but rather the much less common “depressed face-shaped” (thanks to Joshua for the name!) IEC C19/C20 couple, which is rated at 16A 250V rather than the much more usual 10A 240V of the former.

While I still don’t think there is need for such a huge cable (16A at 220V is something more than 3KW and I don’t even have enough power for that in my house), this is a bit of a showstopper since I cannot plug it in my UPS as it is, I’ll have to wire up a converter. Which is not difficult given I already have a C14 lead in my drawers, the problem is that I need a C19-C20 cable that I have no idea where to find in my city. Oh well, I have next week to find it before the new disks which I ordered arrive.

As for the differences in Wikipedia, it’s fun to note that while the English C19 page is a disambiguation page that, among other options, leads to the IEC connector page above, the French C19 page instead decides to be less technical by referring directly to a DragonBall character. Thanks to Gilles for pointing that out.