Filesystems — ext4dev fails

flame@yamato ~ % touch /var/tmp/portage/test
touch: cannot touch `/var/tmp/portage/test’: No space left on device
flame@yamato ~ % df -h | grep /var/tmp
32G 7.2G 23G 25% /var/tmp
flame@yamato ~ % df -i | grep /var/tmp
2097152 419433 1677719 21% /var/tmp

Now, a mount cycle later it worked fine, but it’s still not too nice since it caused all the emerge running to fail, just like XFS did, but without leaving trace on the kernel log, which makes it obnoxious since it’s hard to debug. I hope 2.6.28 is going to be better, certainly the tinderboxing is a nice way to stress-test filesystems.

I start to consider the idea of OpenSolaris, NFS, and InfiniBand…