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Gentoo developer up for hire

Although I have a job interview this afternoon, for a Java programmer position nonetheless, I’m currently just working as an external contractor, thus I don’t have any kind of job security, as you can guess from my ranting of not having been able to pay for Yamato just yet.

But this is not a request for help, it’s rather an offer, if anybody is looking to hire me up for some job related to Free Software, may it be related to Gentoo, embedded software, ELF files and stuff like that. I’ve written up something here.

You can guess that if I’m hired for Gentoo-related jobs, or to extend Free Software projects, which are things I’m experienced with, and good at, it’s going to be a contribution to the community too.

Now, this weekend I’m probably going to write a bit more about Gentoo automation and other topics, so please bear with me with this little “advertisement break” while I finish my other writings.

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