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Looking for a todo webapp or service

Today I decided to start writing up the things that I have to do, for Gentoo, work, life, and so on. Since a To Do list is not exactly simple to maintain since I have dependencies between tasks, I decided to try writing it down as a FreeMind mind map. The result isn’t perfect but it works somewhat.

But then I started to think that most of these tasks are Free-Software related, and might as well go public, so that others can look at them and help on them, maybe. Which brings me to the current point of not knowing how to evolve this. An obvious overkill would be to use a private Bugzilla instance, but I’d rather not run another one on the vserver, and it certainly looks ugly.

What I’d need is something that looks like the mindmap but is editable via web by an user, and where the tasks can be set public or private, with dependencies between tasks, ability to add comments and resources to the tasks, like files (patches), prioritising, adding keywords and similar.

Does anybody know anything like this? I’m happy to pay for a subscription if the service is not free, but is good enough (it would ave me time, and time is money, so I’d probably be saving afterward).

Edit: I skimmed through some things I read some times ago and found Remember The Milk which seems to do almost all what I need beside attaching files and having dependencies for tasks. Does anybody use a pro version of it and can tell me whether the support is good for feature requests too? If they would consider adding those two features in a shortish timeframe I might actually decide to subscribe to that, if nobody else suggests me something better.

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  1. Thanks for pointing towards RTM. :-)As I don’t like having my todo-lists on “public” servers I dug I bit deeper and found something that seems to have similar features but which I can run on my own server.I found Tracks, open-source and GPL-licensed, see… Might be interesting to look at as well as it is written in Ruby on Rails.disclaimer) I have not yet had time to give it a test-drive, but it is definitely on my todo-list…

  2. You might want to play with nozbe (see It seems to do many of the things you’ve listed as missing from RTM. Definitely attaching files, adding notes and keywords and sharing with other users.Unfortunately the free version seems too limited for practical use, while the subscription-versions seems incredibly expensive to me for what you get. I’ll stick with tracks for my purposes.

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