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Preparing for the new tinderflame run

So the first run of my tinderbox completed. And now I’m preparing for some further sweeps to take care of what the first run ignored. This includes packages needing kernel sources, packages with USE dependencies that are not expressed in EAPI 2 yet and so on.

The new run will build still on the current system disks, since after thinking about it I cannot really reuse the hardware I got already, and to get to a solution I’m going to have to buy some extra hardware, either an external eSATA enclosure with port multiplier, or a new SATA controller using PCI-E, and new disks. Since I haven’t finished paying for Yamato yet (for those interested in the bookkeeping, completed with SDMC board for IPMI stuff, costed me around €2300; the funds I’ve raised up to today cover around €500), I’d rather not go buy new hardware, thus the build will run on the system disks, and I’ll see to set up smartd so that it tests them at least once a week.

I’m not going to test for proper -ggdb use though since that’s going to require much more disk space than I have for now, so it’s still delayed for a different run for now. I’m probably going to check the pre-stripped files though, I’ll have to archive the older logs to check those against what is reported already on the bugzilla.

So what remains to be said? Well that I’m really not feeling too well lately, and I spend my nights working till exhaustion because I’m afraid of my own sleep. Which is bad for me but very good for Gentoo, I guess…

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