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One thing Amazon UK could improve

I love Amazon UK’s handling of Recommendations, it’s really helpful as it usually does find me things I really would like to have myself. There is only one thing they’d have to improve for me on that note: equivalent products.

For instance, if I say I have the complete series of Friends, don’t propose me, through that, the ten complete seasons, separatedly, or even worse the ten seasons in multiple volumes. If I buy from you the complete set of Buffy DVDs don’t propose me the seven seasons standalone, or even worse in VHS. If I say I have a given movie in BluRay, don’t propose me the same movie in double DVD set and single DVD.

The same applies to book since a big saga may be available in boxed sets or separatedly, the same book might be available in paperback, hardcover, and even audiobook form, and trilogies can be easily packed up in a single volume, like Dragonlance trilogies usually are. If I say I have a version, propose me stuff related to that but *not the same books again*….

If Amazon were to get this right it would be so good it would be difficult to avoid spending money to buy stuff, at least to me. But as it is lately I noticed Amazon is proposing me duplicates items: I have a PS3, and it’s proposing me different PS3 versions; I say I have a given movie in BluRay and it’s getting me multiple copies of it in DVDs and even UMDs!

Another nice thing would be a way to tell Amazon for which platforms to recommend videogames in their pages. I have a Nintendo DS and a PS3; I don’t want to see the recommendations for XBox 360 or Sony PSP, or Nintendo Wii! If I were to buy a new one, I’d tell you!

Oh and yes they still don’t let it better known that Maestro is not the worldwide debit card circuit

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