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Second hand games

Yesterday I was going around in an electronics store with a friend of mine (hi Alberto!); he just got a Wii, and we were looking for Zelda; since we were unable to find it between the new Wii games, I suggested to follow the suggestion of another friend of mine: looking in the section with second hand games. The store we went has a little stand where second hand games can be bought, guaranteed by the store itself to be proper and work. It’s a nice way to save some bucks, especially since one nice thing of BluRay disks is that they are quite more difficult to accidentally scratch with use.

So, not only we found Zelda at less than half the price that it would have been first hand (and it works), but I also found a game for me in the same stand: Enchanted Arms, at a price that not even Amazon UK could have got lower. I looked at that game some time ago, but when I went to make an order on Amazon UK last month, it was unavailable (it was also available second hand but it doesn’t ship here unfortunately), so I gave up on it.

I didn’t even know that there was controversy about such a game, and that even Penny Arcade two years ago dedicated a comic to this game; if I knew that, I would have ordered it some time ago (although I admit, buying it late saved me money). Even if it was some time ago, I think the bad reception was unwarranted, in its kind, it’s a very nice game in my opinion.

I haven’t played a game of this genre in quite a while sincerely, although this is the genre that created even Pokémon (Diamond still being in my DS), and Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m quite happy to have bought it since it’s really a nice thing to play before sleeping: no action, no focusing on running and on the enemies escaping, it does not wake me up too much, and there are no checkpoints when I need to save!

I think I’ll move more often around the second hand games corner, it might be a nice way to save money (which I can then invest in my free software work) and still have fresh games to play… and goes even better when the games are those that most people wouldn’t like to play… I’m sure that the thing that is getting to me right now (training my party with battles in the same spot) is what bores out most people….

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