Atheros and drivers

Since the release of kernel 2.6.26 I’ve had some trouble with WiFi since madwifi-ng fails to load, and I’m left with using the ath5k driver that is provided by the kernel. As it turned out, that driver is pretty bad by itself, and I cannot use iSCSI over it.

Luckily, Atheros released the code for their HAL which should mean that ath5k is going to hugely improve over the course of the next few kernel releases, which is an extraordinary thing. I’m really looking forward for 2.6.28 which should improve the situation at least a bit, maybe allowing me finally to use iSCSI over wireless again.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s going to take little time, 2.6.27 is not out yet and the e1000e driver is still broken; that would be nice at least to see how the webcam drivers will get once they are merged in the tree (is Skype going to work with them? When I tried them out of a git tree, the 64-to-32 bit IOCTL bridge failed on a few ioctls that caused Skype to fail accessing the webcam).

But who knows, maybe next year we’ll be having Atheros well supported by all the architectures Linux runs on, so one can easily have Atheros-based WiFi routers to work with OpenWRT, which would finally solve my wireless problems here…

I can dream, can’t I?